Just prepare to war! What is China's motive behind the siege of Taiwan?


A senior officer of the Chinese Army (PLA) said that by sieging Taiwan, China wants to completely isolate Taiwan. The siege of Taiwan can be considered a war of China against Taiwan.

China is trying to prove its strength to the fullest. The dragon wants to establish its authority and take over many countries. Now this is the first time that China has started maneuvers against Taiwan. Taiwan's Defense Department has called it an act of provocation.

A senior officer of the Chinese Army (PLA) has told CCTV what China's plan is regarding Taiwan. By sieging Taiwan, China wants to completely isolate Taiwan. Taiwan is dependent on the outside world for most things, whether it is oil and gas or other things. The siege of Taiwan can actually be considered a war of China against Taiwan.

Is China taking advantage of being an isolated island?

CCTV has interviewed a senior Chinese military officer who said that Taiwan is an 'isolate island' with 'weak self-reliance'. Noting Taiwan's dependence on fuel imports, he said the CCP could turn it into a 'dead island' after 'encirclement and blockade'. It appears Xi's plans are on track to strike sooner than most people expected.

What was Taiwan's reaction?

Let us tell you that just a few days ago, the new President William Lai took office in Taiwan. Ever since assuming office, he was seen giving aggressive statements on China. After which Dragon immediately reacted and started military exercises around Taiwan. Apart from calling Taiwan's activities as separatist, the Chinese army is also calling this two-day military exercise as a strict punishment for it.

China's Defense Ministry also came out with a statement on this matter. On this military drill, Chinese officer Wu Qian said that the purpose of this drill is to counter Taiwan's arrogance of independence and to prevent interference from outside forces.