Jeera Ke Side Effects: Beware! You will be surprised to know its disadvantages


Jeera Ke Side Effects: Cumin should not be consumed in large quantities. Let's know the side effects of cumin-

Jeera Ke Side Effects:  Cumin is one such spice that is easily available in Indian kitchens. Cumin is used to add flavor to the food. The taste of cumin is very good. It changes the taste of even a simple vegetable. Apart from the taste, cumin is also very beneficial for health. Digestive power is very strong by consuming cumin seeds (Jeera Khane Ke Nuksan). But do you know that eating cumin seeds (Side Effects of Cumin Seeds) also harms your health? Sometimes it can be harmful to you too. Therefore, cumin should not be consumed in large quantities. 

Let's know the side effects of cumin- 

Burning- Due to excessive consumption of cumin, there is a problem of burning in the chest. Along with this, digestion-related problems also go away.

Risk of liver damage- Consuming cumin in excess can damage the kidneys. In such a situation, cumin should be consumed less. Also 

Dakar's problem- the highest intake of cumin may be a Burp problem. By belching, the gas stored in your intestines and stomach comes out.

The sugar level is low- By consuming cumin in large quantities, the level of blood sugar in the body is reduced.