Jalebi-Rabri Benefits: Know from Ayurvedic experts, how Jalebi-Rabri can cure migraine-headache..


Jalebi-Rabri Benefits: India is such a country, where different types of dishes will be found along with many cultures. Rich in spices and a variety of food items, you will find a wide variety of dishes in our country. The very thought of which makes the mouth water. One such dish is Rabri-Jalebi, which is a favorite of all Indians.


Jalebi and Rabri are so much fun that they are eaten a lot, however, it is also known that consuming them can harm some people. But according to Ayurveda, this sweet combination also has properties to treat headaches and migraines. If you are not sure, then read what Ayurveda experts have to say about this.

On Instagram, an Ayurvedic expert named Vaidya Mihir Khatri (vaidya_mihir_khatri) shared a video on how Rabri-Jalebi can cure migraine headaches. He told that this sweet dish is used in Ayurveda for the treatment of headaches.

Sharing his post, he wrote, "The morning before sunrise is called vata time. When pain is associated with vata, jalebi with rabri is an expectorant food. So if you eat phlegmatic food in vata time, Maybe it does Vatsman. That is, if jalebi and rabri are eaten in the morning before sunrise, it helps in headaches.

The expert also told that this Ayurvedic remedy should be continued continuously for one to three weeks. People who are suffering from diabetes or are lactose intolerant should avoid eating it. Apart from this, he also shared the solution to cure headache. He wrote, "If you are not getting relief from headache even after trying all the treatments, you should get Nasya, Shirodhara done at Panchakarma clinic with the help of Vaidya."