Is it right to skip dinner at night for weight loss? Learn from experts!


Due to busy lifestyles or other problems, people are becoming victims of weight gain or obesity. People consider obesity as a normal problem, but do you know that it is a kind of disease which can be costly if taken lightly? Excessive weight gain makes our body home to diseases. Due to this, the risk of many problems like diabetes, high BP, and cholesterol increases in the body. However, in the pursuit of weight loss, people follow many such trends which become a problem for them in future. One of these is not eating at night. People who are losing weight tend to skip dinner due to which there is a deficiency of nutrients in the body.

Do you also fall asleep after eating salad at dinner? Because of this one starts feeling hungry at night. In this article, we are going to tell you through experts how much is right and wrong to skip dinner while dieting.

Learn from experts

Jaipur's dietitian Surbhi Pareek says that even though people consider not eating at night as a healthy habit, it also has many disadvantages. According to expert Surbhi, people adopt this habit for a few months but it is not necessary to follow it for years. If the routine of following a normal diet is followed even after months, then the complaint of weight gain starts. Not only this, skipping food like this can even lead to a deficiency of nutrients in the body.

Expert Surbhi says that people take heavy meals for breakfast and lunch. By doing this the intake of carbs in the body can increase. Instead, we should divide the meals into pieces. By doing this we are able to balance the calorie count and also maintain energy in the body throughout the day. According to experts, we should reduce calorie intake. Along with this, protein should be increased slightly and a high-fiber diet should be taken in the routine. By doing this we can avoid the problem of poor digestion.

Other disadvantages of not eating at night

If seen, some people decide to skip dinner in order to lose weight, but it is not necessary that they are able to follow it properly. Actually, sometimes I start feeling hungry at night. In such a situation, people eat anything available in the house. Due to this, there is a loss instead of profit. Dietician Surbhi says that if you feel very hungry then follow a balanced diet routine. Apart from this, drink as much water as possible. Because this habit protects us from overeating.

What to do if you feel hungry at night

If you have decided to skip dinner at night, then keep some things in mind. Drink some water before sleeping. Despite this, if you cannot tolerate hunger then you can satisfy your hunger by eating nuts. However, expert Surbhi advises that we should have dinner by 7 o'clock. Because in this way the food gets digested even before sleeping. According to experts, do not forget to include dal, 2 chapattis, a vegetable and salad in your dinner plate. Walking for a few minutes after eating can also prove helpful in weight loss.