Is it easier for you to be happy being single or getting married? The answer lies in this one thing


There is often a belief in society that everyone should get married, that is the real happiness of life. But is it so? Is being alone always a cause of sadness? Many researches show that people who remain single for a long time can also become happy and successful. 


Your happiness depends on what your "attachment style" is like. Attachment style is based on experiences of attachment to parents in childhood, which influence the relationships formed in adulthood. 

Attachment Type-

Secure Attachment – ​​These people form healthy relationships. They trust others and do not have any problem in living alone.

Insecure attachment – ​​There are two types of attachment:

  • Adhesive attachment: These people are very dependent on relationships. They are afraid of being alone. Even a small distance can make them feel insecure.
  • Distant attachment: These people avoid forming close relationships with others. They have no problem being alone, rather they avoid closeness to others. 

These people can be happy alone

Studies show that people with secure attachments can be happier both when living alone and in relationships. Whereas for people with insecure attachments, happiness largely depends on the state of the relationship. People with clingy attachments may experience loneliness and insecurity when single. Relationships are important for them, even if they are not good. 

So can you be happy being single?

Try to understand your attachment style. If you have a secure attachment and know how to keep yourself happy, then being single will not be a problem for you. You can keep yourself busy through friends, family, and hobbies. 

But if you have an insecure attachment, ask yourself if you're ready to be alone. Are you able to trust others? Are you able to have healthy relationships? If the answer is "no", then you need to work on yourself. You can improve your attachment style by taking advice from a therapist.