iPhone Update: With this feature of iPhone, the background of your favorite photo will disappear instantly...


How would it be if, within a few seconds, the useless background of your favorite photo disappears? Yes, doing this may be liked by those users who use creativity apps.

iPhone users can make the background disappear from any photo and to do this there will be no need for Photoshop or any AI tool.


How to remove background from photo
Actually, iPhone users have been given a special feature with iOS 16 or later updates. With this feature, iPhone users can separate the subject from any photo.

Apart from the iPhone, features on these devices also
Apart from iOS, this feature has also been introduced with macOS and iPadOS. That means Mac and Pad users can also use this feature by following these steps.

Spread the magic of your creativity like this
The isolated subject from any image can be saved as a PNG file. Additionally, this file can be imported into any creative app.

This way, creative users can create thumbnails with different subjects. Users can create an image by combining many different subjects.

After this, you can also add text and graphics to this image.
How to separate the subject from the image

1. First of all you have to open the Photos app.

2. Now the image has to be selected from which the subject is to be separated.

3. Now you have to tap and hold on to that subject on the image.


4. By doing this, the edges of the subject will light up and it will be seen lifting.

5. After releasing the finger, three options Copy, Share, and Add Sticker will appear on the screen.

6. Now click on Share and select Save Image.

7. By doing this, the isolated subject is saved as a separate file in the iOS Photo Gallery.

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