iPhone Update: Apple's strict warning to iPhone users! If you do this then you may suffer huge losses..


If you are an iPhone user then you need to pay attention to this news. Recently, tech manufacturer Apple has given a special warning to iPhone users. Apple has told users that if a wet iPhone is kept in a bag of rice for the purpose of drying, it can prove to be harmful to the device. Let us know about this news.


Keeping the iPhone in rice will be heavy
Apple has said that if users make the mistake of placing the iPhone in a bag of rice to dry it, it can damage the device.

iPhone users should not keep their devices in rice bags to prevent water damage as this method can cause further damage to iPhones.

A document by Apple states that do not keep the iPhone in a bag of rice. By doing this, small particles of rice can damage your iPhone.
advice not to do this

     Apple has also asked users not to use objects like hair dryers or compressed air to remove liquid.

     The company has also advised to avoid using cotton swabs or paper towels in case there is water in the connector.

     Apple has also claimed that its flagship devices can withstand submersion in up to 20 feet of water for 30 minutes.


How to dry a wet iPhone
Apple says to dry your iPhone, gently tap the device with your hand with the connector facing down.

This will remove excess water from it, after which you should keep your phone in a dry place with airflow and start charging it with USB-C only after 30 minutes.

According to the company, it may take up to 24 hours for the iPhone to dry completely and users may see a liquid detection alert until then.

Users should not charge the iPhone when it is wet. Rather it should be charged after some time.

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