iPhone Tips: These special features of the iPhone will be useful during foreign trips, know the complete details..


iPhone is known for its special features and safety. If you have an iPhone then you can plan your holidays properly. There are many tasks that you can do easily through your iPhone. By using these your life will become easier.


Passport size photo required for visa

If you need a passport-size photo quickly during an online visa application, the iPhone can help you. If your iPhone works with iOS 17 support, then this work becomes even easier.

First of all, you have to keep in mind that while taking a photo with an iPhone, good light is falling on your face. Also, there should not be anything covering your face.

While taking photos your background should be light. For this, you can take a photo and copy and paste it into the note app.

You can edit it by taking a screenshot in the Note app.

After this, you can select a good frame for yourself by choosing the rectangle icon, keep in mind that you are completely within that frame.

After doing this your photo ID will be completely ready.

Work will become easier with Apple Maps

If you are planning to visit someplace then you can get a lot of help from Apple Maps. You can also download your travel destinations in advance and share them with your close ones. You can also create guides in Apple Maps.

After this, go to the new guide enter your name, photo, and other information and click on the guide.

Then you enter the name of the place to visit and proceed further.

You can then share this guide with your friends and followers.


With iOS 17 on iPhone, you can download the map of any place in advance. This feature will be useful in places where there is no mobile network or WiFi facility.

Search for a place name in Apple Maps and save it in offline mode.

Then you can download that map.

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