iPhone Tips: Are you worried about your iPhone's storage being full? Empty it like this...4 easy steps will make space..


Clean up iPhone Storage: If you are an Apple iPhone user and your phone's storage is full, then we have brought some steps for you. By following these steps you can free up your iPhone. Because many people are fond of photography, the phone's gallery gets full. At the same time, many unnecessary documents are saved in iCloud, which are of no use. Let us know how you can free up your phone.

Remove unnecessary apps immediately
You might be downloading many apps by clicking on links. Their work would last only for one day. Gradually these apps fill up the storage unnecessarily. If you don't want to delete an app, you can offload it. This will remove the app from your iPhone, but the data and documents related to the app will remain. You can also download the app again at any time.

Cache and data
Some apps store a lot of data on your iPhone in the form of cached images and videos. To remove it, you can go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage select that app, and clear the data.

Remove old messages and attachments
Go through your messages and delete any old conversations or attachments. Select a chat you no longer need.

Backup to iCloud
Back up your photos and videos to iCloud. iCloud allows you to back up your photos and videos to the cloud, freeing up space on your iPhone. For this, you can fix it on your iPhone by going to “Settings”, clicking on “iCloud” and going to the “Photo” option.


Optimize storage
Clean your iPhone manually. You can also clear your iPhone yourself. This also solves the storage problem. To do this, you can set it up by going to “Use iCloud” on your iPhone. Here, you can reduce your photos and videos by clicking on the “Optimize Storage” option.

If you are facing storage problems even after this process, then you can go towards Apple's iCloud+ Plans. Here we are telling you about the monthly expenses of these plans.

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