Internet Tips: Follow these five tips if the internet is not working on your phone..


Nowadays most people have a smartphone, and through it, many tasks can be done easily. If someone has any work or wants to ask something, people immediately call or message and ask, but there is a problem in the absence of the internet. If you are also worried about the internet not working on your phone, then know further how this problem can be solved.


First of all, restart the phone. If the problem does not go away even after this, you can try switching off the phone. If there is a persistent internet problem in the phone, then you can update the software of the phone. You can try clearing the cache and browser history of the phone, sometimes due to this problem the internet does not work.


  It is often seen that the apps running in the background of the phone consume more internet, in such a situation, check that no app is running in the background. Finally, if the problem is not resolved even after trying all the methods, then change the internet settings on the phone.

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