Internet Speed: If you are troubled by slow internet speed in your smartphone, then these solutions will be useful..

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The Internet is the most important thing for any smartphone user. Even the most expensive phone is of no use without the internet. But sometimes what happens is that the internet stops working on its own, due to which we get into trouble. But there are some methods which can be followed to start using the internet immediately.


Why are there interruptions in the internet?

Not clearing the cache: If you do not delete the cache, it directly affects the internet speed. Because it occupies a lot of storage on the phone. The effect of cache makes the internet speed very slow, due to which you become very upset. However, if you delete the cache timely, this problem will be reduced to a great extent.

Background running apps: If you are working on multiple apps simultaneously then there is every possibility that the internet speed will become slow. Because apps running in the background consume the net.


How will Internet Speed increase?

     To increase speed, you have to keep some points in mind. If the internet speed has become slow, then reset the settings of the phone, which will increase the internet speed instantly.

     Restarting the phone also makes a difference to the internet speed. If the internet speed has reduced, restart the phone immediately. Also, put the phone on airplane mode. The Internet will start working after a few minutes.

     If the internet is not working then the location can be changed. By doing this internet speed can improve. Use the phone by going to a place where it is unlocked. In such a situation, the chances of the network being good increases.

     To maintain smooth internet speed, you can disable heavy apps. You can disable the apps which you do not use or use very rarely.

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