International Women's Day 2023: Through these features of WhatsApp, you can keep yourself safe and tension free


International Women's Day 2023: International Women's Day will be celebrated worldwide on 8 March. In 1975, the United Nation celebrated Women's Day for the first time and then after 2 years from 1977, it started being celebrated on March 8 all over the world. However, even today many crimes and atrocities are committed against women in different ways.


After the advent of technology, even through this, women were harassed and exploited. In such a situation, today through this article, we are going to tell you how you can keep yourself safe and secure from chaotic elements on the major social media app WhatsApp. Many times women get messages or calls from different numbers and people unnecessarily harass them. In such a situation, you can keep yourself tension free by using these features of WhatsApp.

These are some great features of WhatsApp
If someone repeatedly messages you from an unknown number, you can immediately report WhatsApp against him using the block and report option.
To maintain your privacy, you can use the disappearing message feature of WhatsApp, in which messages are automatically deleted after 24 hours. Apart from this, you can also use the 'View Once' feature to share a photo or video.
If you want, you can also choose the option of screenshot blocking for the 'view once' feature. After turning on this feature, if someone wants to save the photo sent by you for the future, then it will not be able to work.

Many times people add each other to WhatsApp groups without asking. In such a situation, to maintain your privacy, you can choose who can add you to the group. Inside the set, you get three types of options, in which the first is Everyone, the second is My Contact and third is Nobody. With this, you can stay away from unwanted groups.
You can also decide who can see your personal information like profile photo, last seen, online status etc. on WhatsApp.
Make sure to put an additional security layer on your WhatsApp account and keep the two-step verification feature on. After doing this, after a certain time, WhatsApp will ask you for 6 digit PIN and only then you will be able to turn on WhatsApp.