International Day of the older person: To stay healthy in growing age, do these exercises


International day of an older person Keeping fit has become more of a necessity than a hobby, whether it is for children, elders or senior citizens, but in growing age, doing certain workouts should be completely avoided, which you will learn about.

It is important to take care of your fitness even at growing age, but do not make the mistake of looking after others for this. Everyone's body is different. You can also get injured in the pursuit of becoming fit with heavy workouts. So what kind of workouts should be avoided in growing age, let's know about them.

Weight training

Don't make the mistake of lifting heavy dumbbells to build muscle as they can sprain the shoulders, neck, and waist and require prolonged rest. So avoid doing it completely.


Running is considered to be the best and quickest calorie-burning exercise, which is not wrong but it is wrong to start doing it at an older age. There is every possibility of complaining of joint pain by starting running immediately. As well as the risk of bone fractures and sprains. So as an alternative to running, you can adopt jogging or walk a little faster than normal.

High-intensity interval training

It includes many fun activities like cardio, jumping, skipping, kickboxing but it is risky to do them at the age of 60. These exercises require stamina, strength. Which is difficult to maintain at this age. Moreover, due to jumping and jumping, there is also the fear of getting hurt, breaking bones. In this, the speed of breathing also becomes very fast, which in no way is suitable for old people.


Crunches are one of the very best and effective exercises to do abdominal abs, but after crossing 60, if you do this exercise suddenly, then there can be a pain in the spine and back and muscle strain. So it's better not to do it.

Body stretching exercises

Only yoga comes in this. But if you have never done yoga before, the first thing to do is start it under the supervision of a trainer. In the pursuit of doing it yourself, many times such exercises give problems like body pain and muscle strain.