Instead of traditional sweets, make these sweets on Holi this time, everyone will praise!


Holi festival…means colours, colours and food treasures. For this, many types of snacks and sweets like Namak Pare, Shakkar Pare, Gujhiya etc. are prepared in advance at home. However, most of the people are seen shying away from eating on this day, because in every house only Gujhiya and a few selected similar dishes are served. If you want to please the guests, then apart from the traditional ones this Holi, prepare and serve some new types of desserts.

Holi festival will be celebrated this time on 25 March 2024. You will also be preparing many types of dishes and sweets for this day. If you are bored of making and eating traditional sweet recipes every Holi, then you can try something new this time. So let us know.

Clove Lata Sweets

Clove Lata sweet is very much liked in Bihar and is made on special occasions like marriage etc. Making it is also simple. Prepare one wire syrup by adding sugar and water to a pan. Add flour to the flour and knead it softly. Keep it covered like this for some time.

Prepare the filling

Put mawa (khoya) in the pan and fry it while stirring on low flame. Add grated coconut, cardamom powder, some chopped nuts and poppy seeds and fry it.

Now to prepare clove lata, make small balls and roll them, fill them with stuffing, wrap them in a square and add cloves to close it. Fry the prepared clove lata until crisp golden and then dip it in sugar syrup.

Karachi or Bombay Halwa

You do not even need mawa to make this halwa. For this, first, make a solution of cornflour. Now take a thick-bottomed pan, boil water in it and add sugar along with it. When the sugar dissolves completely in water, add the prepared cornflour solution to it and start cooking on low flame, taking care that lumps do not form. When the solution starts to thicken a little, add food colour and ghee, stir and let it cook for a few minutes. Now you can also add cardamom finely chopped cashews and almonds. When cooked, freeze it in a tray or plate after greasing it with ghee and cut it like barfi.

Dry Fruit Chocolate Barfi

Chocolate is a favourite of children and adults alike. Make chocolate dry fruit barfi this Holi. For this, you need bread crumbs, mawa, desi ghee, grated coconut, some nuts, dry fruits like almonds, cashews, raisins, walnuts, grated chocolate, and cardamom powder. Put the mawa in a vessel and then mix all the ingredients well and spread the prepared mixture evenly in a baking tray. Now bake it in the oven for some time. After taking it out and letting it cool down, cut it into barfi shapes.