Instant Glow: If you want to get an instant glow, then make an oats face pack at home, the glow will not go away!


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After two days, the festival of Rakshabandhan has come. Girls are preparing outfits, and jewelry to look beautiful on this day. But with this, if dullness comes on the face, then your look can get spoiled. If you too do not have much time for skincare these days, do not worry. These few household items can instantly make your skin glowing and tan-free. Often due to dust and pollution, dead skin gets accumulated on the face. Along with this, tanning also happens due to sunlight and the face starts looking dull. If you do not have time to go to the parlor for a facial then this face pack will brighten your face overnight. See what is this special face pack and how to make it.

Oats Face Pack

Oats are a healthy breakfast that most people like to eat. Now the face can benefit from these healthful properties of oats. Just mix these two things to make a face pack.


PC: Nykaa

These things are needed to make face pack-

- One spoon of oats

- Two-spoon buttermilk

- Half spoon honey

How to make oats face pack

- First grind oats and make powder. so as not to damage the skin. Now add buttermilk to this oats powder. Add honey and mix well. Now apply this paste on the face and neck. After about 15-20 minutes, when this face pack dries, wash it with water.