Instagram Tips: I liked a funny reel on Instagram; now I am facing trouble in finding it, all the posts are hidden here..


Meta's popular photo-sharing platform Instagram is being used by every second smartphone user today.

If you also use Instagram, then this information is going to make your work easier on many occasions.


Where does the liked Instagram reel disappear?
This will happen to you too when you find a useful or funny reel, you like it but it disappears when you send it to a friend.

Do you know that for the convenience of the user on Instagram, all his liked posts (view liked posts on Instagram) are presented in one place? Yes, that is, even if you accidentally lose this post after liking it, it can be easily found again.

Liked posts on Instagram are hidden here
All the posts liked on Instagram can be searched through settings. In this article, we are telling the complete process of checking all the reels liked on Instagram in one place-

First of all, Instagram has to be opened.


Now you have to click on the profile icon at the bottom right.

Now you have to click on the three horizontal lines on the top right.

Now you have to tap on Your Activity here.

Now you have to tap on Likes.

Here you can check all the posts on one page that you liked.

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