Instagram Tips: Don't make the mistake of buying followers on Instagram, know more...


If you like using Instagram and are trying your best to increase followers, then this information is going to be very useful for you.

Buying followers on Instagram can be a loss-making deal. If you are also thinking of buying followers, then it is advisable to first check the disadvantages related to it-

What are the disadvantages of buying Instagram followers?


Account may be banned

The biggest disadvantage with buying followers on Instagram is that the company can ban and restrict your account.

Any kind of artificial growth of the account is against the Community Guidelines. Not only this, the Instagram algorithm can detect this with a sudden increase in follower count.

Followers will be inactive and bots

Buying Instagram followers will mean that you are increasing the count not with real but with fake i.e. inactive or bot. That means you are spending your money in the wrong place.

Many websites promise that real followers will be added to the account, in reality, this is a lie.

Followers will suddenly decrease

Instagram is removing fake accounts to keep its platform clean. The company has removed lakhs of fake accounts.

In such a situation, if your followers are also from a fake account, then it will have a direct impact on your follower count. More visible followers can become less visible at any time.

Account growth will slow down

Having fake followers also slows down the growth of your account. Instagram favors accounts that have high engagement rates.


The Instagram algorithm only presents such accounts to a larger audience. In such a situation, it may have a direct impact on the growth of your account.

Dangerous to safety

Buying followers can prove dangerous for you and the security of your data. Many times websites impose a condition of linking the account for this purpose.

By doing this, third-party companies can get access to your posts and personal information. That means your safety may be in danger.

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