Instagram Tips and Tricks: If you follow these tips then the fun of using Instagram will be doubled...


Meta's photo and video sharing platform i.e. Instagram is counted among the most popular platforms these days. There are millions of users of this platform, who use this platform as per their need.


The company brings many features to the platform to maintain user engagement. Today we will tell you about some such tips and tricks, which can be used by influencers as well as common people.

Schedule a post or reel
This feature is very useful because with its help you can increase followers by scheduling your reels or posts at the right time.

Instagram allows its users to schedule posts, reels, and stories. This feature is currently limited to business users, allowing them to schedule a post up to 75 days ahead.

To schedule a post, while creating a new post, click on Advanced Settings and select the Schedule Post option.

After this, you add the time and date when you want the post to go live.

Create stickers using photos
If you want to use a photo as a sticker, then Instagram gives you this facility. You can instantly make a sticker of it and send it to your friends or family via DM.

To create stickers on Instagram, you have to go to the post.

Then click on the Hem Burger menu at the top right corner of the image, and select Create Cutout Sticker.

Then secure it. Now you can share it on DM.


Mute the profile
If you are troubled by the messages or notifications coming from any profile, then Instagram has a solution for this too. You can mute this profile.

Let us tell you that by muting a profile, Instagram will not tell them that you have muted them and you will not get posts, stories, or notes from that user.

To mute a user on Instagram, go to their profile. Now click on the Follow tab and select the Mute option. This option allows the user to mute only posts, stories, notes, or all three at the same time.

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