Influenza H3N2: Be careful if these symptoms are seen in pregnant women, children and the elderly...


All About Influenza H3N2: India has recorded a rapid increase in H3N2 influenza cases. The virus is also bringing many other problems including persistent cough and respiratory symptoms. Apart from the symptoms of flu, people are also seeing some other major reasons, such as rapid extreme chills in hot weather. This, apart from humans, this virus can also infect birds and mammals. According to WHO, H3N2 is a subtype of Influenza A virus that mainly affects humans. Let us know what are the symptoms of this virus and which people are most at risk from it. Let us know about the symptoms of H3N2, which are indicating that you need medical intervention now.


Symptoms of H3N2 influenza-





sore throat


running nose


In severe cases, the infected person may experience difficulty in breathing, chest pain/discomfort, difficulty in swallowing food, and persistent fever. If you, or someone in your family, is experiencing these symptoms, seek immediate medical attention. These symptoms persist for five to seven days.

How does it spread?
H3N2 Influenza is highly contagious and can be easily transmitted from person to person through droplets of cough or sneeze. Pregnant women, young children, elderly adults, and people with pre-existing medical problems need to be careful with this virus. According to the IMA Indian Medical Association, the age of most of the people who are affected by this virus is either less than 15 years or more than 50 years. Apart from this, it is also a danger bell for people who have diabetes, BP, asthma, heart problem, weak immune and neurological problems.

When to go to the doctor-
See a doctor if you have a cough for more than two weeks.

Go to the doctor if the oxygen level is less than 93.

Contact a doctor if there is a persistent difficulty in breathing.

Pay attention to these symptoms in children-
high fever

abdominal pain and lose motion

prolonged phlegm

cough cold

frequent vomiting

Pay attention to these symptoms in the elderly-
prolonged phlegm

chest pressure

Cough more than 2 days

feeling tired all the time

Abdominal heaviness and lose motion

Pregnant ladies pay attention to these symptoms-
There are many complications during pregnancy. , if pregnant women see these symptoms, then they need to take immediate precautions.

fever for more than three days

low immunity

symptoms of bronchitis

cough cold

As soon as such symptoms appear, you should immediately contact a gynecologist. Try not to eat outside food at all and keep an eye on the child's movement. Apart from this, avoid contact with outsiders and use masks and hand sanitizer regularly.

If you are already suffering from a serious illness, then pay attention to these symptoms-
-Chest pain


-sore throat

-Difficulty in breathing

-Heaviness in ear

You should see your doctor immediately if you see such symptoms. In such a situation, the family members need to be more alert. Keep checking oxygen levels, as well as monitoring chronic illnesses other than influenza H3N2.


Protection against Influenza A H3N2-
There is currently no definite treatment for this infection. However, to avoid this you should use a mask.

Keep yourself hydrated.

Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.

Avoid touching your nose and eyes frequently.

Gargle with salt and lukewarm water.

Avoid going to crowded places.

Apart from this, in case of fever and body pain, take paracetamol with the advice of a doctor, but avoid taking antibiotics.

Apart from this, if there is any other problem or before consuming any medicine, do consult the doctor once.