Infection is the cause of 1 in every 8 deaths!


How To Save Lives: The biggest reason for the increase in diseases is the increasing pollution and dirt every day. Due to this, lakhs of people are dying every year. In such a situation, many lives can be saved only by cleanliness.


About 7.5 lakh people who die every year in low and middle-income countries due to antimicrobial resistance (AMR) can be saved by taking better steps to prevent infection. This information has come to light in an analysis published in 'The Lancet Journal'. Researchers said that these measures include hand hygiene, regular cleaning and disinfection of equipment in hospitals and health care centers, providing clean water for drinking, maintaining proper cleanliness and getting children vaccinated on time.

One in every eight deaths is due to infection

An international team of researchers estimated that one in every eight deaths worldwide each year is caused by a bacterial infection. According to the researchers, out of a total of 7.7 million deaths, 5 million are related to bacteria. These bacteria become resistant to antibiotics, due to which the medicine does not affect the person.

Antibiotics are necessary for prevention 

"Access to effective antibiotics is vitally important for patients around the world. Not being able to provide these antibiotics to people puts us at risk of achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals of saving children and maintaining long-term health," said study co-author Iruka Okeke, a professor at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria.

Benefits of antibiotics

Okeke said effective antibiotics can help keep you well longer, reduce your risk of disease, limit health care costs and make surgery easier. 

Cleanliness is essential for life

Improving infection control and prevention in health care centres, including regular cleaning and disinfection of hands and equipment, can save 3.37 lakh lives every year. Providing clean drinking water to people and maintaining effective cleanliness in public facilities such as toilets can save about 2.5 lakh lives. Along with this, about 1.82 lakh lives can be saved by giving vaccines like pneumococcal to children and vaccines like RSV to pregnant women.