Indoor Pollution: Keep the polluted air inside the house clean in such a way that you do not get sick!


Indoor Pollution: You do not have the solution to the pollution outside the house, but it is in our hands to keep the indoor environment clean, so let's know from the experts what can be done to keep the indoor air clean?

Indoor Pollution: Every year in many countries of India, the level of pollution becomes dangerous at this time. This year also there is a heavy smog in Delhi and its adjoining areas. Due to which diseases also start spreading. Respiratory diseases can prove to be fatal, especially during the coronavirus epidemic. The matter of concern is that this smog also enters the houses, due to which it is not safe to even stay at home. You do not have the solution to the pollution outside the house, but you can control the pollution inside the house. Keeping the indoor environment clean is in our hands, so let's know from the experts what can be done to keep the indoor air clean?

Why does indoor air get polluted?

The air inside the house may not always be worse than the outside air. It depends on how conscious you are about air quality and how you maintain the indoor air quality in homes and offices. Sometimes the internal concentration of some pollutants is 4 to 5 times higher than outside. The quality of the air inside a home or office is higher than that of smog outside due to pollutants such as dust and dirt from gas stoves, cooking, chimneys, cigarette smoke, molds, pet dander, radon, pesticides, paint, carpets. The reason is very bad. People often open the windows and doors early in the morning, due to which smog enters the houses. Apart from this, many people smoke indoors. Many people do not use the chimney for kitchen smoke, as well as poor ventilation in the house, then the quality of the air will be poor. Therefore, if people are aware of maintaining clean air quality, then indoor air can be kept healthy.

What to do to keep the air in the house clean?

Dr. Akshay Budhraja, Pulmonologist at Aakash Healthcare, Dwarka told that some things have to be taken care of to keep the air in the house clean. Keep your windows closed in the early morning and evening, as the pollution level is always high during this time. Make sure to use a chimney in the kitchen of the house, so that the smoke comes out of the house. Minimize the use of chemicals. Do not polish furniture in the house. Keep your shoes outside, keep your house and surroundings clean as they bring in a lot of soil, and wash bed covers, quilts, curtains at regular intervals and repair damp walls. Indoor plants, use air purifiers."

Dr. Arunesh Kumar, Senior Consultant, and Department Head, Pulmonology, Paras Hospital, Gurugram said, “The air we breathe inside our homes or offices can be more dangerous than the air outside. It is more visible during the cold months. When we keep the doors and windows open during the cold season, pollution comes inside the house. Indoor air pollution has many negative effects on health, these effects include headaches These include frequent colds, sore throat, respiratory problems, chronic cough, burning eyes, lethargy, skin rashes, dizziness, and loss of memory. To keep the air inside the home or office pollution-free It's best to use aerosol-free products instead of scented cleaning products. Also, it's important to regularly clean your home's ducts and filters to make sure you get filtered clean air. Also, indoor plants like these Keep indoor plants that act as natural air purifiers. Such plants remove formaldehyde from the air, removing benzene and trichloroethane and replacing it with oxygen. You can also install an indoor air purifier to get rid of indoor air quality problems.