Indian Railway Rules: They get more than 50% discount on train tickets, click to know!


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When one has to travel a long distance and the budget is low, many people prefer to travel by train rather than flight. Indian Railways serves about 2.5 crore passengers every day, which is equal to the population of many big countries. People usually prefer to make reservations to get a seat, which makes their travel more comfortable. Do you know that Indian Railways offers up to 50% discount on ticket prices for some passengers? Let's find out who is eligible for these discounts.

These people get up to 75 per cent discount

Persons with disabilities, mentally challenged and totally visually impaired passengers who cannot travel without assistance are eligible for relaxation. These passengers get up to 75% discount in General Class, Sleeper Class and Third AC. Also, they get up to 50% discount on second and first AC. A 25% discount has been given on all classes of tickets for Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains. The person travelling with such a person also gets an equal exemption.

These patients also get a discount

Patients suffering from tuberculosis, cancer, kidney diseases and non-communicable diseases also get an exemption for long-distance travel.

Heart patients: People suffering from heart disease are also included in the list of persons eligible for exemption.

Other eligible passengers: Students, war widows, widows of Central Police Armed Forces (CAPFs), widows of Kargil martyrs, intellectual disability and persons with non-communicable diseases, among others, are entitled to concession for long-distance train travel.