India Post Scam: The Scam is happening in the name of India Post, be careful, or else you will have to suffer the consequences..


Increasing technology has changed the way we live our lives a lot. Even though it has made life easier and comfortable for people, it has also caused many disadvantages. Technology has given new options to scammers, due to which they can cheat people easily.


Recently a new case has come to light, in which an SMS related to India Post is circulating, in which people are being asked to update their address. This SMS is a phishing scam, you should be careful of it! PIB Fact Check, a government initiative to combat misinformation, has confirmed that these messages claiming to update the address from India Post are fake.

What is the scam?
In this scam message related to India Post, people claim that their package is in the warehouse and the delivery attempt failed due to incomplete address information.
This message urges you to update your address within 48 hours to avoid the package being returned. A suspicious link (indisposegvs. top/IN) is also given with this message.

PIB Fact Check has verified this message as #FAKE. They clarified that India Post does not send SMS requesting to update the address for delivery.

How to stay safe?
Do not trust messages coming from unknown numbers, especially those asking for urgent updates of addresses or numbers.


If a message claims to be from a company, contact them directly through a verified phone number or website. Do not use the numbers or websites given in the text.

Avoid clicking on links given in suspicious texts. If very important, type the website address manually.

Also, never share personal or financial information through text messages. Also, report any suspicious text to the appropriate authorities.

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