Increase your eyesight by consuming these things

dry eyes

Nowadays, 3 out of every 5 have poor eyesight. Even children are wearing glasses at a very young age. Watching TV for hours, constantly sitting on the computer, playing games on mobile, causes stress on the eyes of children, due to which the eyesight becomes weak. Today we will tell you which things you can use to keep your eyesight.

Make sure to consume one raw gooseberry every day. The nutrients present in amla are a boon for increasing eyesight.

Nuts contain a lot of vitamin A which is beneficial for the eyes. By eating dry fruits daily, along with removing the weakness of the eyes, the amount of cholesterol remains fine.

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Almonds contain Vitamin E which is beneficial for eye problems. By drinking almond milk, along with increasing eyesight, a glow also comes on the face.