In which states of the country free electricity is available, see the complete list!


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People use various electrical appliances in their homes, which leads to huge electricity bills. However, many state governments in India have announced schemes to provide free electricity to their citizens. Although electricity may not be completely free in these states, there is a provision for a certain amount of free units. Let us see which states provide how much free electricity.

Free electricity facility in Delhi:

The Arvind Kejriwal-led government in Delhi has been providing free electricity to the residents for a long time. Under this scheme, the government provides 200 units of electricity free of cost. Beyond this limit, consumers have to pay half the regular rates. About 58 lakh families in Delhi benefit from this initiative.



Free electricity increased in Jharkhand:

After the resignation of Hemant Soren, Champai Soren has been appointed the new Chief Minister of Jharkhand. Champai Soren has recently announced a new scheme of free electricity in the state. Whereas earlier households in Jharkhand used to get 100 units of free electricity, in the new scheme 125 units of free electricity are available.

Free electricity in Rajasthan:

In Rajasthan, where the BJP recently formed a new government by appointing Bhajan Lal Sharma as the chief minister, a budget was presented that included an announcement of providing free electricity to residents. According to this scheme, 5 lakh families in the state will be given 300 units of free electricity every month.

Free electricity in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh:

States like Aam Aadmi Party-ruled Punjab and Congress Party-led Himachal Pradesh have also implemented free electricity schemes like Delhi. The Bhagwant Mann-led government in Punjab offers 300 units of free electricity, while the Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu-led government in Himachal Pradesh offers 125 units of free electricity.