In this place, in exchange for plastic bottles, you will get food!


If you collect plastic bottles, then you can have breakfast from them. A unique initiative.


The purpose behind this is to keep the city clean as well as to save the environment from the harm of plastic. The bottle will serve to fill people's stomachs, if a person gives five bottles, then he will get a cup of tea, if someone collects 10 bottles and gives, then he will get to eat a big loaf.

For this, the Municipal Corporation initiative has also given aid and has appealed to the people of the city to participate in this Municipal Commissioner Rajesh Patil has appealed to small hotels and retailers to apply for the purposes, the garbage collector has given civic water. 


If he collects and gives a drinking bottle of an empty bottle of water, he will get one tea for five plastic bottles and one Vadapav for 10 bottles. In return, the hotel and retailer will get 10 rupees of tea from the corporation and 15 for Vadpav.