Important to know: Does wearing a mask continuously increase the level of CO2 in the body? CDC alerted about this


For the last few weeks, there has been a huge jump in the cases of corona infection across the country. In the last 24 hours, more than 2.47 lakh new cases of the corona were registered in the country. This figure is the highest since May 2020. The positivity rate has also increased to above 13 percent now. In view of this rapidly increasing threat of corona, health experts and scientists are constantly appealing to the people to keep taking preventive measures. Experts say that even those who have received both doses of the vaccine should not be careless about the preventive measures. It is necessary for all people to wear a tight and tight mask to protect against corona.

Meanwhile, in some posts running on social media, it is being said that people should not keep wearing masks continuously. By doing this, there can be a lack of oxygen in the body, and the amount of carbon dioxide increases. Can wearing a mask for a long time really pose such a danger?


This video is going viral
A related video is going viral on social media in which the Congress MLA from Jamtara, Jharkhand, who is also an MBBS doctor, is seen saying that wearing a mask for a long time increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the body. It is not good for health. Since this video, the question remains in the minds of people whether it is harmful to wear a mask continuously.

What is the expert opinion about the mask?
In a conversation with Dr. Vivek Sahai, Senior Physician, Intensive Care, says that wearing a mask has been considered one of the best ways to stay safe from the danger of corona. Wearing a mask does not cause any breathing problems, rather it is considered the best means of restricting the entry of the virus through sneezing and coughing droplets out or inhaling. Since it does not affect the process of breathing, the danger of increasing carbon dioxide in the body is just a runoff, people should not pay attention to it.


CDC said - do not fall into the rumors
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that wearing a mask is absolutely wrong to increase carbon dioxide (CO2) in the body. People should not fall prey to such rumors. Wearing a mask is very important to protect against corona, special care should also be taken on its quality and fitting. N-95 masks are considered more effective than cloth masks and surgical masks, it can be more effective in preventing the entry of the virus. Apart from this, people have also been advised to double masking in many studies.

Take special care of the fitting of the mask
According to health experts, the most important thing to keep in mind while wearing a mask is that it fits snugly on the face and covers the nose and mouth well. There is no point in wearing a mask below the nose or mouth. In areas where there are more cases of corona or if you yourself are infected with corona, then N-95 mask or double masking is considered safer.

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