If you want to see ancient India, then definitely go and visit these villages!


Nepura village of Bihar - Nepura village located in Bihar is still known for its old traditions. In fact, in Nepura village situated between Nalanda and Rajgir, even today people depend on embroidery and weaving for livelihood. According to historical beliefs, Lord Buddha gave his first sermon in Nepura village itself. Along with this, Mahavir Jain also stayed in Nepura for some time.

Mattur Village of Karnataka - Mattur Village is situated in Shimoga, Karnataka. The people of Mattur village still speak in Sanskrit, the ancient language of India. Along with speaking Sanskrit, sitting on the banks of the river and chanting mantras here every day is also one of the age-old traditions.


Mandwa Village of Rajasthan - For your information, after Bihar in the north and Karnataka in the south, the Mandwa village of Rajasthan in the west is also a part of the heritage of ancient India. With many ancient buildings, minarets, and havelis, Mandwa is one of the famous tourist places in Rajasthan.