If you use the extension board in this way, there will be a danger of getting engulfed in flames soon!


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Extension boards are a common device in homes, serving as a convenient solution for powering electronic devices where no switchboard is available. These boards are often used for devices like fans, coolers and TVs. With a variety of options based on price and quality on the market, users have plenty of extension boards to choose from.

Extension boards usually come with 15-meter or 10-meter cords, with one end connected to the board and the other end plugged in. Users connect these plugs to existing power outlets in their homes. However, some common mistakes can lead to dangerous situations such as fire, making it important for users to exercise caution.

The biggest mistake in using an extension board

One important mistake that users make is pulling the wire outside the extension board. This may pose a short circuit risk, especially if the wire is damaged. Additionally, during the summer months, the increased electrical load can cause wires to heat up and stick together, potentially creating a fire hazard.

Keep these things in mind while buying an extension board

It is important to keep a few things in mind when purchasing an extension board. Choose branded and reputed companies ensuring the quality and safety features of the board. Consider the power requirements of the gadgets you plan to connect and choose an extension board that can handle the load without overheating.

Extension board can cause a fire in the house

Using a poor-quality extension board and handling it carelessly can lead to serious consequences including fire accidents. Extension board fires can occur as a result of short circuits caused by damaged wires or excessive load during extreme summer months. Therefore, it is mandatory to exercise caution and follow safety guidelines while using extension boards.