If you spend hours on mobile phone in toilet then you may get serious illness!


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Everyone has some good or bad habits. Among these habits, some people like reading magazines, papers, books while some like watching videos and listening to songs. Some people have the habit of carrying a mobile phone and talking on the phone. Because some people say that they spend their free time in the toilet. But if you are spending hours on mobile in the toilet, then be careful... because it can be very harmful for your health.

Why is it dangerous to use the phone in the toilet?

According to health experts, using phone in toilet can be very dangerous for health. Due to this you have to face many health related problems. According to health experts, using a mobile phone while sitting in the toilet increases the risk of piles, commonly known as piles.


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Are you yourself inviting disease?

No matter how much cleaning or sanitization you do in your house, the toilet is not considered a clean place in any house. Because there are many types of bacteria in the toilet and if you sit with a mobile phone for hours or spend your time at this place then those bacteria can stick to your phone. If you use the same phone the whole day after leaving the toilet, then bacteria from this phone can easily enter your body. Because of which you yourself invite diseases.


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Avoid bad habits as much as possible.

Instead of inviting disease for healthy health, you should avoid taking your mobile phone to the toilet. If you have a Western-style toilet at home, take a small stool under your feet while sitting on it, which will improve your sitting position.