If you plan to travel in the summer, then ignore these places!


Goa- Tell me, Goa Beach can touch anyone's heart, if you do not like the heat at all then you should avoid going here. It is very hot in Goa during this season.

Jaisalmer- For your information, let us tell you that Jaisalmer is called the Golden City of India. Yes, Jaisalmer is known for its yellow and golden sands. Jaisalmer's temperature in summer reaches 42 degrees and if you cannot tolerate the heat at all, then do not go here.

Chennai- Chennai is one of the most beautiful places after Goa for beach lovers. If you do not like the heat but still want to visit Chennai, then stay in a luxury hotel during this season.

Amritsar- Amritsar is famous all over the world for the Golden Temple. Along with which people like the food, shoes, and phulkari dupattas and suits here. It is very hot here during this season. For this reason, do not go here in summer.


Khajuraho - This place is world famous for its ancient and medieval temples. However, if you do not like walking in the sun and heat then do not go here.