If you have such stylish sleeves on your suit, you will get a perfect look!


Many women like to wear suits at home and office. In such a situation, he always makes suits as per his choice. So that when we wear that suit, we look absolutely perfect. But sometimes due to wrong fitting or wrong sleeve style, the entire look of the suit gets spoiled.

Therefore, we should also take care of the sleeves of the suit. If the sleeves of your suit get damaged, it does not mean that you will stop wearing the suit, rather you can get something new made in it.

In such a situation, it is not necessary not to wear that suit. Rather, you can create some different designs to correct its sleeves. So that when you wear that suit, it looks perfect on you.

Dori Suit Sleeves

If the sleeves of your suit have become wide, you can ask the tailor to get a string attached to it. When you tie the string tightly, your sleeves will fit perfectly. Apart from this, you can fix the buttons by making colour contrast on the sleeves. This way your sleeves will be perfect.

Frill sleeves

If you find the sleeves of the suit too open, you can also create frill sleeves. Keep in mind that make a thin and wide frill on the line of the sleeves. This can give a designer look to the sleeves.

Flare design

If the sleeves of your suit appear wide from below. So you can make a flare design by cutting it. Nowadays, many designs with such sleeves are trending and look quite nice. In such a situation, you should definitely try this design in suit.

Churidar sleeves

If you have made full sleeves in your seat and the fitting of the sleeves is not correct. So you can put pleats in it. With this, the sleeves of the suit will become churidar, which looks quite nice. In this way, the fitting of the suit will also be perfect and you will get a chance to try something new.