If you have been scammed through call, message or WhatsApp, then complain here!



If you have been a victim of sexual harassment, or if you are receiving offers to earn money by liking or commenting on social media, or if you are receiving spam calls or messages on WhatsApp, you can immediately report such messages to the Digital Intelligence Platform. Or you can report on the Chakshu Platform. Your complaint will be resolved immediately. On Monday, Communications Minister Ashwini Vaishnav launched the Digital Intelligence Platform and Chakshu Portal as part of the Sanchar Sahayog Portal.

Report Cyber ​​Crime or Fraud:

If you are a victim of cybercrime or fraud, report it on DIP. Additionally, if you have any suspicion about a phone call that may be related to cyber fraud or crime, you can report it on the Chakshu portal.

Action will be taken upon reporting:

On your report, agencies like police and banks will be activated, and action can be taken within a few hours. If you provide information on the Chakshu portal about a number that you suspect to be involved in fraud, the number will be blocked only after thorough verification.

Security Assurance:

You can rest assured that the details of the person reporting on these portals will not be shared with anyone. Communication Companion portal was launched 9 months ago to prevent cyber crimes and scams.

Here's how Chakshu will benefit:

The Chakshu portal can be used to report suspected fraudulent communications. Through this portal, you can report numbers, phishing attempts and message attempts. Meanwhile, the digital intelligence platform aims to enable inter-agency sharing of cyber criminal data between social media platforms, banks and wallet operators.

Fraud worth Rs 1,000 crore stopped:

The government is confident that both platforms will prove helpful in stopping fraud. They are expected to help in arresting cyber criminals. Through these platforms, so far success has been achieved in stopping fraud worth more than Rs 1000 crore.