If you are putting a painting in the house, keep these things in mind


Painting adds charm to the interior of the house, but while choosing a painting, it is important to keep some things in mind, otherwise, the happiness of your home may also get spoiled.


Choose a painting that will give you energy. Blue painting is considered good for the north wall because the colors have a different place in the painting, so the shining light of the sun and the blue sky painting is considered good for the living room.

The picture or painting of family members should be placed in the south direction, if the picture of children, landscape, and green forests are in the west direction, then it gives positive effect in the house, while the painting of the newly married couple should be kept in the south direction of the room.

The picture of a flying bird strengthens your financial side, the rising sun brings good luck to you, if there is a heart-related disease or a patient of depression in the house, then a red color painting should not be done in the house, green color is for your health.