If you are planning for a honeymoon then this is the perfect destination!


Beautiful Waterfalls: In this city, along with natural beauty, you will also get to see beautiful royal forts and palaces. There is a very beautiful bathhouse in Mandu. Everyone gets attracted by its beauty. This snack house is in the palace of the beautiful Queen Roopmati.

Mandu: The city of forts and palaces is not Mandu but Rajasthan. Mandu is also known as the largest city of forts in the world. Some of the kings here had built palaces for their queens from where they could see everything. The city of Mandu is surrounded by strong forts from all sides. Also, you can see the tremendous architecture and culture here.


The most special is the Roopmati Mahal: Roopmati Mahal is said to be the attraction of Mandu. Rani Roopmati was the wife of Emperor Baz Bahadur. Tell that, seeing this respect and devotion of the queen, Emperor Baj Bahadur got the Roopmati Mahal built in this way. So that Rani Roopmati does not have any problem visiting Narmada.