If you are going to Jammu then don't forget to go to Tawi.


An iconic landmark of the city of Jammu, the Amar Mahal Palace has a rich history. This palace in itself says a lot. It is said that this beautiful palace was built in the 19th century by a French architect after being commissioned by the Dogra ruler Raja Amar Singh.

*For your information, let us tell you that you must visit the Dogra Art Museum in the list of places to visit in Jammu Tawi. In fact, this place was once popular as the Dogra Art Gallery. If you are an art and history lover then this place is special for you. Yes, actually here you will get to explore many special things.


*Manda Ju is the best in Jammu Tawi. This zoo is a perfect place. If you have gone out for a walk with your kids then these places are best for you. There are animals like hog deer, porcupine, panther, barn owl, sambhar, dragon and black partridge in the zoo.