If you are going on Kedarnath Trip then keep these things in mind.


Keep these things in mind during Kedarnath Yatra

# Tell me, first of all, to make sure that you register/register for Kedarnath Yatra. Registration has to be done. Yes, because without it you will not be able to visit Kedarnath Dham. You can also register for Kedarnath Yatra online.

# For your information, let us tell you that whether it is winter or summer, whether you are going to Kedarnath in June or in October, there is cold weather all the time. That's why always keep warm clothes with you.

# If you cannot travel to Kedarnath on foot, then you can easily get the facility of palanquin, horse, mule, pittu, etc. Yes, and all these prices vary according to the weight of the passenger.as# There is a facility of food, water, rest house, medicine, oxygen, toilet etc. Here you will find many food and drink shops from where you will get tea-snacks as well as lunch etc.