If you are also taking calcium tablets then you may be at risk of heart attack


In today's lifestyle, after the age of 30, due to irregular eating habits, bones start becoming weak and in view of this, many times when bone pain, joint pain or muscle cramps start, people, start taking calcium supplements. Or calcium pills by yourself without a medical checkup. It is necessary for the strength of bones. Calcium is such a mineral, which not only keeps bones and teeth healthy but is also necessary to keep away problems related to nerves, heart, muscles, and blood.

Be told that taking calcium without medical tests can be dangerous. And this risk increases even more if you're not getting enough vitamin D than is needed for the body to absorb it. The risk of death from a heart attack in adults with calcium pills is about one-third i.e. 33 percent more than in normal people. If the calcium taken separately is not absorbed into the body, the aortic valve opening inside the heart may close completely.

Its consumption reduces the flow of oxygenated blood in the body. Along with this, not taking vitamin D doubles the risk of dying from heart problems. Earlier in 2010, a report in the British Medical Journal stated that the rate of heart attack is much higher in those who take calcium. Analyzed records of 27,000 US adults to show a link between high doses of cancer.


For your information, let us tell you that calcium is essential for bones and teeth and its deficiency can cause rickets in children. Dairy products, green leafy vegetables, and some fish are the best to meet calcium deficiency.