If you are also packing warm clothes then keep these things in mind, they will always remain like new!



The weather is slowly changing, and now mornings and evenings are cold. There is relief from the heat of the sun during the day. As a result, some people have started packing warm clothes. The biggest problem in handling them is how to maintain the clothes. So that the clothes do not take up much space and do not get spoiled.

Here are some tips for packing, storing, and caring for wool clothing and jackets:

Clean before packing:

Before packing the winter woollen clothes you are wearing, it is essential to remove the accumulated dust and dirt. Clean them thoroughly and wash the clothes to be washed. Also, dry them thoroughly and keep brushing them. Make sure everything is completely dry before packing.

Fold properly:

While keeping winter clothes in the box, fold them properly. Poor folding can cause wrinkles, which can potentially damage clothing. Woolen coats and jackets etc. are quite thick. In such a situation, if you do not fold the clothes properly then there will be difficulty in packing and handling them.



Naphthalene Balls:

Many people use naphthalene balls to protect clothes from insects and pests. However, it is important to place them correctly. Instead of placing them between clothes, place one or two naphthalene balls in each corner. It is advisable to use them sparingly, as excessive amounts may cause unwanted odour in the clothes.

Pack in paper:

While some people may opt for straight plastic bags to store clothes, this can sometimes lead to problems like trapped moisture and unpleasant odours. To avoid this, wrap your winter clothes in newspaper or brown paper before putting them in a plastic bag. This extra layer helps retain moisture and prevent fungal growth.