If you also have the habit of sitting with cross legs, then you will also become a victim of these diseases.


There are many people these days who sit on their feet. This habit is very bad and this habit should be abandoned today. Today we are going to tell you what diseases can be caused by sitting on your feet and what problems can come.

* Keeping the other leg on one leg and sitting for a long time, the leg becomes numb. This is because sitting like this increases the pressure on the vein behind the knee and restricts the blood flow to the lower back. In such a situation, if one gets used to sitting like this, then there can be a serious problem like foot drop.

Blood pressure increases by sitting on the feet. This condition is more common in a person whose blood pressure is already high.

* For your information, let us tell you that sitting cross-legged not only causes problems in the feet, but it can also cause heart disease. When we sit cross-legged, the blood circulation stops and due to this the blood going to the legs starts returning back to the heart. Apart from this, the nerves of the feet also start getting weak. 


Due to the damage or weakness of the veins, the blood starts freezing in one place.

* Sitting with crossed legs can only disturb your walking pattern and you may become helpless even from walking.