If the message is not received on the phone after the challan has been deducted from the camera, then do this, otherwise you may get into trouble!



Nowadays everything in the world has become online. We do all our work online. Nowadays, challans have also started being issued online. Earlier, traffic police were visible at every traffic signal. However, now challans are deducted directly online and messages are received on the phone. Challan is issued through cameras installed on the road.

These cameras take photos of the number plates of vehicles violating traffic rules and send fines. A message informing about the fine is sent to the mobile number of the person violating traffic rules. However, in many cases, it has been seen that the message does not arrive. Let's discuss why this message does not appear and what should be done about it.

Incorrect number or number not entered

Usually, when someone breaks traffic rules, the traffic department sends a fine to their number. This fee includes an online link to fill it out. However, if no message comes to your number, you may face problems due to a lack of information. There can be two main reasons for this:

The first reason could be that your number is not updated in the traffic department. Alternatively, your wrong number has been entered there. In such a situation, you can update your correct number.

How to update your number?

If your number is not registered with the traffic department then you can update it online. For this, log in to the website of the Transport Department. After logging in with your ID, you will have to choose the option of online services.

Then you have to choose the option of another state. After selecting your state you have to enter your vehicle number. Then you have to click on the option to update your mobile number. Then you have to enter the engine number and chassis number of your vehicle. Then, you have to enter your mobile number. Then an OTP will be sent to your mobile number. Your mobile number will be updated as soon as you enter it.