If the color of the bedroom is like this, then the sex life will also be better! learn how


Do you know that your bedroom and sex life are also connected somewhere? Something similar has been revealed recently in a study. Better physical relation between couples not only gives pleasure but also makes their relationship stronger. Many people do not give much importance to the color and decoration of the bedroom walls.

But this can make your sex life very slow. Let us know how the color of the bedroom walls affects your sex life.


Blue color
Many people think that red and pink color is good for intimacy. But this does not make any difference to physical intimacy. According to the study, if the color of the bedroom is blue, then people feel very relaxed. It helps in controlling blood pressure. It keeps the heart beat rate correct. With this you can get a better sleep. The interesting thing is that it was told in the study that couples who have caramel decor in their room have sex about 3 times a week.

Yellow color
After blue, let's talk about yellow color. This color of the bedroom wall works to calm the nervous system and relax your body. With this you can get better sleep. Your sex life remains active. During this, you get an average of seven hours and 40 minutes of sleep every night.

Gray or silver color
Gray or silver colored walls give a moonlight effect to your bedroom. This keeps your mind calm. According to the study, people with gray bedrooms get an average of seven hours and 33 minutes of sleep.


Purple color is very royal. Many people like this color very much. This color also improves your intimate relationship. If you like purple color then you should also use this color for your bedroom. It works to spice up your sex life.

According to a recent study, in a survey of 2000 people, it was found that those who are using purple color for bedroom and furniture got intimate 3.49 times per week. Sex also depends on your imagination. Purple color gives you creative thinking. It boosts your sex life.