If the child is born prematurely, then follow these tips to increase immunity


Even after taking special care many times during pregnancy tips, there are many babies who are born prematurely. Because of this, babies are born in the 36th week and are called premature babies. They are cared for more than normal-born babies.


Premature Baby Care: It is necessary to keep it in the nursery or ICU for a few days. It is said that some parts of their body are not developed properly, due to which special attention has to be paid to them. 


Antibodies are low in such children and this is the reason why they fall prey to infections quickly. Now today we are going to tell you the tips to be adopted to strengthen the immune system of these children.


Pay attention to nutrition- Tell that food and drink cannot be given directly to the newborn. For this, the mother has to take special care of her diet. The mother should eat such things which are full of nutrition.


Daily massage - For your information, let us tell you that if a child born prematurely is massaged properly daily, then his immune system starts to recover. Massaging the baby in the right way helps in the proper and rapid development of all the organs of the baby. The essential oil can be used for this.