If the back of the earrings is not coming out, then follow these easy tricks


Generally, women wear different types of earrings to make themselves look stylish. However, sometimes it happens that when you wear them, the hook at the back gets stuck or doesn't come off easily. In this situation, most of the women pull hard on the ear and the earrings. Due to this, the hook of their earrings does not come out, but there is a lot of pain in the ear. There is a lot of anger at that time. 

This situation must have happened to you at one time or another. So I don't understand what to do. However, in this situation, you do not need to panic. There are many methods by which you will be able to remove the back of your earrings in a very easy way and for this, you do not even need to bother your ears separately. So let's know about these methods-

Why does the back of the earrings get stuck?


Before you can easily take the earrings out of your ear, it is important that you also pay attention to why the back of the earrings gets stuck. There can be many reasons for this. Firstly, when you wear it for a very long time and if you do not clean the piercing area often, the earrings will not come back. When you don't clean it, the dirt made from dead skin cells tends to accumulate right there under your earlobe, hardening the area around the eardrum and making it difficult for you to remove it. Apart from this, this problem also arises when the hooks of the earrings are tight or rust, etc.

Use Vaseline


If you notice that the ear piercing is stuck, then instead of hurting yourself, use Vaseline. All you have to do is apply some petroleum jelly or Vaseline around the piercing site. Be careful when applying Vaseline to the ear hole, then gently massage it in. Let it sit for a few minutes, then try moving the earrings back and forth. When you do this, the earrings will be able to move easily and you can easily remove them.

How to remove screw back earring

If you have a screw-back earring, then this method can be adopted to remove it. For this, first put on rubber gloves, as this will make it much easier to hold and open the back. Now, using the fingers to hold the earrings securely and then grabbing the back, start moving slowly to the left. If you are finding it difficult to do this, then you can also take the help of a tweezer. However, be careful when doing this as you do not want to hurt yourself. Now, rotate the back completely to the left until it comes off easily. 

Take help of hot water

If you have had a new piercing, it is possible that the liquid and dead skin cells can cause the piercing to become a titan of the piercing, which can cause the earrings to get stuck in the ear. However, you can lose it. For this, you follow these steps. First, you should clean your hands with antibacterial soap to prevent infection at the new piercing site. Next, moisten a cotton swab in warm water, then wipe the cotton swab around the ear and earrings. You rub it back and forth to remove the excess dirt. Now hold the back and try to move it lightly so that the hair becomes loose. If you want, you can wet the cotton swab and use it again and again. Eventually, you will be able to remove it. 

Image Credit- Freepik