If nail paint has dried up, then follow these tips to create a new look!


Nail paint on the nails not only enhances the beauty of the hands but also gives a different comfort to the heart. Often, due to not using nail paint for a long time or not keeping it properly, it starts drying or thickening. Girls throw it away, but you can fix your nail polish again like before by taking some easy steps.

Hot water- By the way, you can fix nail paint with hot water. For which apply dry and thick nail polish in a bowl of hot water.

It is right to keep in the sun - If the nail is dark in color, then it can also be cured by keeping it in the sun. For which keep the nail paint bottle in the hot sun for 1-2 hours.

Apply transparent nail paint - If your colored nail paint has dried up, you can apply transparent nail paint to it.


Keep these things in mind as well.

* Keep in mind that nail paint should never be kept in the fridge. In fact, it can dry out quickly.

* Please tell that while applying nail paint, do not sit directly under the fan.

* It is best to shake the bottle between hands before applying nail polish.