If it is soaked in water, should it be kept in rice and dried? Know whether it will be beneficial or harmful!



Has your phone got wet in the water? This is a problem that people around the world often face. Although accidents can happen to anyone, there is no need to panic. Several simple methods can help save your phone. Using rice to dry a wet phone is a commonly used technique, but is it the right method? let's find out.

Suppose your phone slipped from your hand or accidentally fell into the water. Should you take these steps? Many people adopt various techniques to dry wet phones. A common method involves the use of rice, as rice is known for its moisture-absorbing properties. It is believed that placing a wet phone in a bowl of rice can effectively absorb moisture.

How to clean a wet phone?

When the phone gets wet, it is very important to dry it. If your phone falls in the water, clean it immediately with a dry cloth. Remove the SIM card from the mobile and wipe off any visible water. If possible, turn off the phone and remove the battery.

Can rice dry out the iPhone?

Apple suggests a different method for drying a wet iPhone. According to Apple, iPhones cannot be opened, so it is recommended to hit them lightly with the palm of your hand. It is important to note that the connector port of the iPhone should be located downwards, allowing any water or liquids to come out.

As far as drying with rice is concerned, Apple refuses to do so. According to Apple, if you have an iPhone then it should not be dried with rice.

What to do with a Samsung phone?

Samsung recommends using cotton balls or cotton buds to dry a wet phone. These should be used gently around the earphone jack and charging port to effectively absorb water. It is important to keep the ports clean and dry.

If you have an Android phone, rice can be used to dry it. However, care has to be taken that the rice should be large, and it should not enter the ports of the phone. This will help in drying the phone, and the ports will also be protected.

If you have dropped your phone in dirty water instead of clean water, then Samsung gives important advice. The company says that a phone soaked in dirty water should be cleaned with clean water. This helps prevent potential problems with the phone's circuits.

Both Apple and Samsung recommend leaving wet phones in a well-ventilated area. Whereas according to Google, the wet phone should be left at room temperature only. Do not attempt to turn on the phone or use the cable for charging during this process.