If a gas cylinder catches fire, do not make these mistakes, do these things immediately!


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When it comes to handling gas cylinders, most people become careless, they do not know how to handle them properly and what precautions to take.

In case of a fire in a gas cylinder, many people get nervous and in such a situation they may even take the wrong steps.

If you see a gas cylinder on fire, then first of all you should evacuate your house immediately and send everyone out.


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Do not try to extinguish the fire on the cylinder with a dry cloth as this may also cause fire. Instead, you can use a wet blanket or bedsheet.

You can also use an empty bucket to extinguish the fire on the cylinder. Immediately place the empty bucket over the cylinder, and the fire will be extinguished. After this immediately switch off the regulator.


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Since there is always a gap between gas and fire, you can carefully use your fingers to stop the gas supply and turn off the regulator.