If a car driver's DL turns out to be fake, will the insurance company give compensation for the accident? Know here!


Fake DL

If the driver of your car meets with an accident and later finds out that his driving license (DL) is fake, then the tension is sure to increase. Even the insurance company refuses to give compensation by making the excuse of fake DL. Recently, a similar case came to the Supreme Court in which the insurance company refused to pay compensation for a road accident. The case reached the Supreme Court. The company took the stand that the DL of the three-wheeler driver was found to be fake, and the company was responsible for paying the compensation. It is not the driver's fault but the company's refusal to pay compensation. The owner of the three-wheeler did not know that the driver's DL was fake. The Supreme Court has given a big verdict in this case. There was no information about the fake DL. The Supreme Court ordered that an Insurance company cannot refuse compensation on the pretext of a driver's fake DL. The court said that no vehicle owner can be expected to go to the RTO and check the authenticity of the driver's DL. DL is not practical. By examining the driver's license issued by the competent authority, anyone can easily believe that the DL is genuine. That is why the court ordered the insurance company to pay a compensation of Rs 13.70 lakh to the family of the injured.