Ice cube is a boon in summer, reduces swelling to itching!


Treats acne- Ice cubes have anti-inflammatory properties. Yes, and they help reduce and heal acne. Apart from this, it also calms swollen skin.

Reduce swelling of the eyes - Ice has properties to reduce swelling. In this case, you can keep an ice cube in the affected area.

Removes dark circles - For your information, let us tell you that keeping ice cubes under the eyes reduces dark circles. It reduces the symptoms of aging.

Remove itching - If itching or swelling is felt on the skin due to excessive sunlight, then you can use ice cubes. It reduces itching of the skin.


Make-up lasts for a long time - Due to sweat, the skin gets spoiled in summer. If you want to keep the makeup on the face for a long time, then you can use ice for this. Let me tell you, by applying ice before makeup, the face remains hydrated for a long time.