How to Use Thermometer: Do you also make these mistakes while checking fever with thermometer? this is the correct way to use


How to Use Thermometer: Viral fever, cough, cold, and fever are inevitable in the changing season. Many times it happens that you start feeling tired even without doing any work. Not only this, you feel inside that you have a fever. Some people eat medicine directly when the fever is filled, while some people eat medicine only after checking with a thermometer.


Even today many people do not know how to check a fever with a thermometer properly. Because of this, the readings come wrong and then they take medicine accordingly. By doing this, the medicine can have a bad effect on your health. The thermometer is easy to use but many people often make a common mistake. Because of this, the proper information about your body temperature is not available.

Let's know what is the right way to check fever with a thermometer.
Keep the lens clean

First of all, keep the lens clean. Clean the dust, mud or any kind of dirt on it with a clean cloth. Sometimes the reading is wrong due to the accumulation of dirt. The second and most important thing is that whenever you measure fever with a thermometer, clean the lens of the scanner thoroughly.

Focus on diet
Drinking hot or cold water affects the body temperature a lot. Because of this the thermometer sometimes starts giving wrong readings of fever. So always remember one thing that whenever you check a fever, always avoid eating or drinking anything hot or cold 15 minutes before.

Place a thermometer under the tongue
Some people do not set the thermometer properly in their mouth while checking their fever. That's why it is important that while checking fever, always keep the thermometer under the tongue and keep it for 5 minutes.


Type of thermometer
A Mercury thermometer is best for giving the correct reading of fever. But nowadays such thermometers are rarely seen in the market.